Month: February 2014

First Milestone Reached: The Visualizing Library is Now Complete!


The first milestone in our journey has been reached! I just completed the visualizing library for viewing your shapefiles. It is very easy to install, simple to use, and can be used in many flexible ways. I have written more about it elsewhere, and besides the project GitHub frontpage describes and documents it quite well, so I will not go into depth about it right now. So you can either check it out from the Downloads page, or go directly to its Github repository.


And the Challenge Begins!

Hilly Road

The Python-GIS Challenge is a series of open-source projects to connect and integrate many of Python’s existing spatial extensions into a single easy-to-use library. Each project will focus on a particular GIS-related field and will be made available for free download once it is completed. This website will document the progress, challenges, and setbacks experienced along this journey.