GeoVis v0.2.0 – Tons of New Features

A major new update of the GeoVis map-making library is now available.


New features in v0.2.0 include:

  • Attribute classification with legend (categorical, equal classes, equal interval, natural breaks)
  • Render points as circle, square, or pyramid
  • Map zooming
  • Customize map with basic shapes and text
  • And more . . .

Check out all new features, full documentation, and examples from the code repository at GitHub.


First Milestone Reached: The Visualizing Library is Now Complete!


The first milestone in our journey has been reached! I just completed the visualizing library for viewing your shapefiles. It is very easy to install, simple to use, and can be used in many flexible ways. I have written more about it elsewhere, and besides the project GitHub frontpage describes and documents it quite well, so I will not go into depth about it right now. So you can either check it out from the Downloads page, or go directly to its Github repository.